Industry 4.0

The specific potential lies above all in high-flexibility production, high productivity and ecofriendly, that make it possible to manufacture highly individualized products under the economic conditions of mass production. All the areas along the value chain are interconnected in real time to achieve your objectives.
Industry 4.0 technologies are designed to make small, customer-specific batch sizes possible with an optimal use of capacities. the hallmark of this vision is the possibility of a profitable production with a batch size of one and idle costs of zero.
In the following figure Assessment process of industry 4.0 for automotive companies in Mexico is described, based on six levels with dimensions and criteria that must be strategically reached in the companies.


The Assessment methodology includes four phases and they are illustrated as follows:


This methodology classifies the results into three types and five maturity levels for each defined factor.
The types are classified as Newcomers, Learners, Leaders, the results from the Level 1 in the critic factors are classified as Newcomers, the results from the level 2 are classified as Learners and the results from the levels 3,4, and 5 are classified as Leaders.
The levels from 1 to 5 are known as Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced, Expert, and Top performer respectively, the figure below shows each of these classifications and levels.


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