Risk Management

Regulatory compliance
● Comply with the latest Basel regulations around the world (PD, LGD, NPL)
● Capital requirements in the trading Book (FRTB)

Stress testing
●• Exhaustive Stress testing at an enterprise level.
    ○EBA Stress Testing

Credit risk management
● Optimize your credit portfolio
● Smarter lending decisions- Credit Scoring

Model risk management
● Reduce model risk, and meet regulatory demands.

Expected Credit Loss (IFRS 9 International Financial Reporting Standards/ CECL Current Expected Credit Loss)
● Credit exposure modeling for new financial reporting requirements in the US and around the world.
● Regulatory reports
● Financial integration

Management dashboard
● Dashboard for Credit lifecycle

Fraud prevention and Financial Crimes

Fraud transactions:
Find payments fraud in Businesses and ATM cash withdrawals faster scoring 100 percent of all transaction types in real time for all your lines of business.

Regulatory compliance:
Fulfill your compliance obligation for FACTA and any other regulatory mandates while managing costs.

AML Rogue trading and market abuse:
Monitor more transactions and risks in less time – while reducing associated costs and effort, with a system that integrates anti-fraud and anti-money laundering processes.


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