Artificial Intelligence

Data Management

Data management is designed to offer you rapid results. Designed with IT and taking into account business collaboration. This solution helps you transform your analytic programs into big opportunity.
It is not enough just to manage data; you need to discover its potential.


Data visualization in the presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format, it enables decisions makers to see analytics presented visually, by understanding difficult concepts or identifying new patterns. With interactive visualization, you can take this concept beyond by using technology through charts and graphs for more detail, manipulating and processing required data.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Machine Learning and Deep Learning find hidden insights in data without explicitly being programmed for where to look or what to conclude.
Our solutions of AI include comprehensive and intuitive Machine Learning tools that deliver better recommendations for faster and smarter decision making.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision analyses and interprets what is in a picture or video.
Our AI solution uses Computer Vision that helps you to accelerate intelligent automation through simple tools for image processing and recognition; and object detection as well.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing enables understanding, interaction and communication between machines and humans.
Our AI solution uses NLP to automatically extract critical business insights and new trends from large amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Forecasting and Optimization

Forecasting helps to predict future outcomes. Optimization enables you to take actions that get the best results even with limited resources. Our solution supports all stages of Forecasting and Optimization workflow, enabling large scale optimization for predicting results and optimizing decisions.




Banking industry needs a quick and complete understanding of risks in all their clients and lines of business, besides knowing how it will affect market conditions, in order to get a better management, make well-informed decisions and comply with regulatory mandates.



Monitoring product quality has become an important differentiator, as well as having a clear and accurate product investment information. Explore this interactive report of SAS Visual Analytics to see how you can analyze life cycle of your products and identify problems and causes.



In a highly competitive Insurance market, companies face greater investments and greater risk exposure. This interactive report in SAS Visual Analytics shows how companies can better manage risks and boost the profitability by analyzing easily their business performance.



Colleges and universities of all types and sizes always strive to admit and retain the best students. In order to have the best decisions, it is essential to have accurate information about the types of students who apply, as well as which ones will enroll and be successful.



The excessively complex relationships between diseases, therapies and patients present constant challenges for the healthcare industry; from health insurers seeking to improve the health of their insured clients (and minimize costs), to governmental agencies that develop proactive approaches to protect and promote public health.



In financial terms, car crashes cost society an estimated US$ 300 million per year. In terms of human life, the cost is much higher. To make roads as safe as possible, government transportation departments and law enforcement agencies have to make well-informed decisions.


Let’s work together and create strategies to integrate business intelligence in your organization.