Omnichannel Analytics

Online stores know that it is not enough to focus their actions on just one sales channel; instead, they apply an omnichannel sales strategy. Mobile devices, social networking sites and other technologies have prompted major changes in customer behavior and preferences, getting the knowledge about this behavior is valuable in order to improve every sales channels. As customers can quickly research products and compare prices through multiple channels, you can respond with relevant offers, competitive prices and the right merchandise as well.

Big Data analysis across all channels:
By managing data from a wide range of sources, you will gain a more complete understanding of who your customers are, and what they are looking for.

Optimize merchandising and store operations.
The more you know what customers are looking for, the better you can adjust inventory and take precise decisions about what to stock and when. As operations become more efficient, your sales margins increase.

Supply and demand planning
An accurate plan. At an individual store level.

Measure the impact of promotions.
Consumer demand is affected by promotions, which affects supply chain and inventory needs.

Optimize inventory.
Keeping the right amount stock in the right locations, from suppliers to warehouses to stores, helps you work efficiently and avoid excesses and markdowns in stock.

Targeted Marketing

Behavior analysis of your company cardholders to predict who are likely to purchase a specific product from any department, optimize costs and increase responses to the campaigns.


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