Intelligent video analysis

Intelligent video analysis enables you to:
● Prevent accidents by providing notifications of potential incidents and dangerous situations especially in crowded environments.
● Making decisions faster to stop rebellious crowds to capture suspects before they leave the scene.
● Improve highways efficiency by monitoring traffic flows to detect accidents that affect the flow.
● Intrusion detection in restricted areas before a crime is committed.
● Intelligent Video Analysis can provide value in many areas: Public Safety and Security, Public transportation, Traffic Management, Corporate Security, Operational Efficiency, Buyer Patterns, Emergency Response, Event management.

● Investigation time moves from days to minutes.
● Automatic alerts for an immediate response.
● Determine the fastest routes while monitoring traffic highways and roads.
● Capacity to monitor large areas with limited staff.
● Making decisions in the right moment having alerts in real time about any incident.

Public Security

Through an easy-to-use interface without the need to create subsets or take data samples. The solution helps you to identify new patterns, trends and relationships among data that were no evident before.

● Centralized commands: all involved team members can see and interact quickly through reports and graphs across web, Adobe PDF files and mobile devices.
● Creation of key performance indicators: by each strategy pillar, for example: indicators for Public safety, Healthcare, Education.
● A precise, unique, consistent and reliable vision: trust in your data and decrease the margin of error.
● A better monitoring and following of key indicators: identify promptly opportunity areas and vulnerable to make faster and reliable decisions.
● Reports ready for directors and other departments: share highly visual and practical reports through mobile platforms to decision-makers in which they can interact through notes and comments.
● Trend analysis of Indicators: identify variables that affect your expected trends through data analysis in previous years.
● Navigate through different levels of detail: generate filters in your information to explore in a specific way and find valuable information that was not visible before.


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